Logic Pro 9 How to bounce down with arppegiator

Can you provide more details? Is this triggering an external midi instrument? How is everything routed? Are you bouncing offline?

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Nothing is external ,all software instr'. Have recorded midi with software instr and in environment attached an arppegiator. Arp plays fine but bounce down doesnt include arp. Yes bouncing off line.

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Another useful technique with the ARP is to record its output as a MIDI Region first. Do that by connecting a cable from the ARP object to a Sequencer Input object (en the environment). The go to the arrange windwo and select the (instrument) track where you want to record the arpeggio. Oh... you have to first record the source pads on the ARP track to drive the ARP. The good points in this technique is that you get a chance to edit the arpeggio; like muting certain notes or groove quantizing it to play smoothly with rest of the parts.
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