Logic Pro X How to change something while recording (not automation)


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I am struggling with Logic x. When recording I can hear what is happening, but when I want to adjust something, volume, less delay, EQ, whatever, I cannot.
I can change some things on the track currently being recorded, but I cannot switch to the vocal track and adjust the levels, switch to the drums and add less compression, or change anything while still recording. It just kills things to have to stop recording so I can adjust one stupid thing on one track.

I keep trying to find something that allows me to adjust things while I am recording. It makes no sense to be unable to do that. When eddie kramer recorded hendrix, I imagine he twirled some knobs while it was happening.

I hope it's a dumb question with an easy answer but I cannot solve it and I searched the internet multiple times. I would appreciate so much any help with this. I feel dumb in advance.

Pete Thomas

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I kind of get where are coming from, but the last thing I'd want to do is change the drum compression in the middle of recording a vocal.

But let's dial that back a bit and ask why?

And look at whether the singer has their own mix or the same as you in the control room. If they have the same mix, then you messing around with the track while they are singing is not good IMO. If you are hearing your own mix then fine, that won't bother the singer but again, I have to ask why?


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Hello Pete,

Thank you for your time and expertise.

In my case, I am the musician and the engineer and the producer and the guy that gets the coffee. ha. I record and mix and adjust all at the same time. If I have a great idea, I need to capture it so I hit record. The sound is horrible and I want to start dialing it in while also capturing the performance. I imagine there is a soundcheck in the studio and dudes start playing to see if the tones are good, but something great might happen so you hit record. Now you cannot turn one dial to adjust?
I want to make it sound better. I do not want to miss what is being recorded. I do not want to tell Mick jagger he has to stop because I need to adjust the mix.
I do not believe that pro engineers hit record and then just stand there until the musicians stop. I think they keep adjusting. Shouldn't I be able too?

Thank in advance for your thoughts.


Works just fine here, and I can think of a million reasons to want to tweak things during a recording pass. Two things you can't do is insert plugins and change the routing to another hardware output.

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Hello fuzzfilth

Thanks for the reply.
I noticed you kept the recoding channel the same and just changed things in the mixer area. That does solve most of the problems. I just never use it and forgot it existed. I hoped and knew it was something dumb and simple but I still needed help so thank you.

I was choosing a different channel and messing up what gets recorded by use the information mixer track on the very left side. That way i could see one track at a time and the mixer does not cover things up. if that makes sense.

Still, duh, the mixer window is for mixing. yeah.

I still cannot seem to create a plugin on the channel strip while recording. Like you can add flanger to the vocal while recording but it won't work until you stop. I think. And I cannot add it in the mixer area. It seems you can adjust everything but not add a plugin?

I guess that is not the biggest deal but I still do not see why there are limits. I keep wanting to do things I cannot and it is screwing up my creativity. ha.

Again, thank you so much for you time. it did help already in a big way. I appreciate it.


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Of course, I immediately kept trying to do those things. ha ha.

This is great, you helped me a lot.
I try to create and mix and stay in the instinct flow place and sometimes get so stuck...

Thanks for taking the time.