How to choose?


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Hello everyone!

I really like Keymap Pro, but my budget is limited, so I have to decide whether I buy Keymap One, or Autosampler.

I watched all the videos For Keymap Pro and Autosampler, read all about Keymap One and it suit me almost perfectly, but it lacks the Penrose Machine which I find very useful, because my biggest problem with all available software is making a quality loops inside samples, wich Keymap Pro doing great.

So, I have a few questions:

First, do I realy need Penrose Machine algorythm in Keymap One to create those great loops for Piano, or some other unloopable samples, just as in Keymap Pro videos, or I can do that with clasic AutoLoop option in Keymap One?

Second, can I buy Autosampler and use it for importing existing samples and then edit them in Autosampler with Penrose Machine, and export out as Kontakt, or EXS Instrument?
Do I get those AutoMap functions in Autosampler, or it just automatically record MIDI instruments?
What if I want to record real piano, guitar, or drums, not just electronic instruments?

Sorry for my broken English...