Logic Pro 9 How to consolidate multiple tracks into one


I'm not sure if consolidate is the right word. In the "good ol' days" what I want was called "bouncing", as in bouncing 4 tracks down to one. Now, in the digital realm, bouncing means something different.

What I want is this:

Suppose I have 4 tracks of handclaps. Each track has one set of hands clapping, and I have 4 of these handclap tracks to make a group of handclaps. After I've eq'd, set volume, and panned each (if I want the group claps to have a stereo spread), is there a way that I can collapse the 4 tracks of handclaps into one track, one stereo track, that is?

Take the 4 tracks you want to bounce into 2, and assign the output to a buss, I use busses 10 and up so I have lots for FX in the first 10.

A new buss fader has just been created. You can add more FX to this like compression or extra EQ and reverb, whatever you need to glue the parts together.

Make a new audio track, and select buss 10 as the input. Put into record ready and Record... you now have bounced your tracks together. Same as we have for years, just like we use to on a console with a tape deck minus the extra noise and once generation loss of quality we used to endure ;-)