Logic Pro X How to customize zooming mess in Logic Pro X?


I have problems with zooming in Logic Pro X. I can't manage this maze of options.
And everything works for me not unintuitive. For example when I activate "automation" I am always suprised and lost in my arrange window with many tracks.
I have impressrion like it always works in suprised way. It is different when I have "vertical auto zooming" on or off.
Or if I click "z" button it zooms selected region. That's great but it zooms it in unconscionable, excessive ratio that fill whole arrange window vertically and horisontally. For me it's unnecessary.

Please help me answer on some questions:
1) Can I turn off "auto zooming" when automation is toggling on or off?
2) Can I change zoom ratio when auto zooming on toggling automation?
3) Can I change zoom ratio when clicking "z" button?
4) Generally can I customize autozooming in any way?
5) Can I set auto zooming on toggling automation to works always the same no matter "vertical auto zooming" is on or off?
6) Can I set to zoom only in vertical direction on clicking "z" button?

For any help and suggestion great thanks in advance.

Best Regards