Logic Pro 9 How to define negative tempo-independent track delay?


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A long time LUGger here (>12 years)! The last time I really participated was when LUG was still a mailing list. Good ol' days. :) Nice to be back.

I have a small list of questions/topics I want to talk about with other active Logic users, so might as well start with this one:

I often use negative delay for pads and strings to compensate for their slow attack. For some reason, I have always used the region delay, instead of track delay. Some time ago I suddenly realized that track delay is actually much better for this purpose. It's simpler (only one global value per track), and what's best, you can define the value in milliseconds, which means the delay stays the same even when tempo changes, like it should in this case. (You can also define region delay in ms, but it works differently - the tick value always stays the same, and the ms value actually changes on the fly if the song has multiple tempi. This is not what you want when compensating for a slow attack).

So far so good. Recently, I have tried to use less instances of instrument plugins like Omnisphere and Kontakt, and instead use their multi-timbrality as much as possible to save some precious memory (I'll come back to this issue in another post :)). If I just put all MIDI data on the instrument track, this naturally means I can't define the track delay for each MIDI channel (=instrument part) separately. So, I can create a multi-instrument in the environment and connect it to the instrument. Each channel of the multi-instrument has its own track delay parameter, so everything should be fine.

Except that the delay doesn't work if set in ms! You can change it to ms, and set a delay, but it simply doesn't do anything. If you change a non-zero value to ticks, it still does nothing, but once you touch the value just a little, the delay suddenly comes into effect.

Is this a bug, or is there some technical reason for this (about which the manual naturally says nothing) and it's not even supposed to work? Any other ways to define a tempo-independent delay for multi-timbral audio instruments?

Logic 9, Mac Pro, OS X 10.5.8