Logic Pro 9 How to Delete Clef


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Hi All,

I created a solo cello track in Logic Pro 9 and I'm wondering how to delete the treble clef since it has no use. Every time I drag a note to D or higher, it jumps onto the treble clef.

How can I remove the treble clef so that every note I input will be in the lower bass clef? Thanks.

Pete Thomas

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In Logic, you do not delete or add clefs (well you can, but only cleffs that are manuallyadded to a staff to change the original clef on that staff)

You need to start by choosing the correct staff style for the instrument, ie the staff style which starts off with the correct clef. There is a whole lost of different staff styles and transpositions for different instruments, so for cello you could just use the bass clef style.

Although we are very happy to answer questions here, we do ask that you take some time to read the Logic manual first. This is a very basic question and if you are going to be using Logic's very extensive notation then you will need to read at least that section of the manual.
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