Logic Pro how to disable automation?


I created a New Song with 4 instrument tracks and I was unable to disable automation using the switch in the channel strip.

What am I missing, and is it new to X?

sorry, further investigation shows that even if I disable automation, the faders return to 0.

If I write a fade starting at -10 and enable automation, the fader follows, but as soon as I disable automation the fader springs back to zero.

If I delete all automation in the song, the faders still spring back to zero.

What is causing this?

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I don't have Logic X yet but you may check the event list for CC7 events and the MIDI preferences in Logic if there is any reset activated that could put the faders to unity gain.

You may also check the automation event list (ctrl-cmd-E by default) if there is some automation data left.
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> check the event list

what a dumbass I is!
this is an imported MIDIFile and it never occurred to me.
Someone take me out and shoot me....

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