Logic Pro 9 How to do monitor sends? master fader??


Is there any way to make an output not be affected by the master fader?
What Im trying to do is record through headphones while the studio monitors are muted but if bring down the master fader it also turns down the headphone out.
1. Your audio device must have multiple audio outs at least 1-2,3-4.
2. For instance, you can assign "Headphone Sends" to a given Bus/Aux and set the Aux output to 3-4 which is isolated from the Master 1-2.
3. It is a good idea to set the "Headphone Sends" to Pre to be able to set the headphone send levels independently for each channel etc.

If you do not own such multi output audio device, you can make some temporary send routings by hard panning the main mix to L and the headphone monitoring to R - just for the monitoring/recording procedure. You will control the mix and headphones main levels using the correspondent Aux routing etc.
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I have it set up with headphones going to different outs on a motu 24 io. I found out that I can put a red line on the solo button for the output channels then mute the master fader and signal will still go to the other outputs.
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Hi Seffro,

It sounds to me like what you want to do, setting up a separate headphone mix, does not need to involve the master fader. That master fader is meant to control all of the outputs channels together. really it is intended for use with surround mixing. When you want to you have global fader that controls all the outputs. IMHO it really has no significant use when working in stereo.

If you've got a MOTU 24 i/o and have your headphones being fed by a separate pair of physical outputs, you don't need to use the master fader.

As Tangra suggested, create aux sends on each track. Route those to an aux track that has it's output set to the physical outputs feeding your headphones. And that's it. Use that Aux track to control your headphones. And use your regular stereo output fader to control your mains.

If you want to get a bit more elaborate, you can create an additional output channel strip for the headphone outputs. That way you would have two output channel strips. One for the mains and one for the headphones.
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