Logic Pro 9 How-to: Editing note value in many regions at once


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this is something that I bump into a lot.
Lets say I have X regions on a drum track and I want to edit only the bass drums velocity value relative to each event.
So I select every region and see all drum events in my piano roll window. Then I click on the note which corresponds to my bass drum events and I see every bass drum note selected in the piano roll window which lets me for example transpose the events up or down.
Then I open my Event List window and I see only the bass drum events of the region in which the playhead is in selected. And if I click+drag the velocity value, only the velocity of the bass drum events in the region the playhead is in get changed.

How do I change the velocity value of certain events in several seperate regions via the Event List window? :confused:

I hope I could jump over the language barrier.

Thanks for your help!

Mac OSX 10.6.5
Logic Pro 9.1.3
iMac 3.33Mhz
4GB Ram

ps. Typo in topic title non editable it seems. My apologies.
How do I change the velocity value of certain events in several seperate regions via the Event List window?

The Event List can only show region contents of one region at a time.

The Piano Roll editor can show multiple (selected) region's contents, and you can perform simultaneous edits, using various tools (Velocity tool in your case). The View submenu will give you options on how the notes' colours are displayed (by region, by velocity or by MIDI channel).

You could also use the Transform window to target selected regions.
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I appreciate your help!
If you look at my screenshot, you can see, even in the piano roll window, I can only view/edit the velocity values of the last region of the (in my case 3) selected (the yellow vertical lines are region borders) regions.
Thanks for the Transform window hint, though I was hoping for a more direct approach, like I tried with the event list window... select all desired events and drag the value so they change relative to each other.
But I will look into the transform window.

I was told I should split my drum track by pitch value, so I end up having seperate tracks for each drum voice (hihat, snare, bassdrum a.s.o.), and then adjust the velocity offset for one track via the information section in the top left of the arrange window. This of course has some logistical disadvantages. Many more regions to handle in the arrangement without having a reasonable folder track option (imho).

Basically, is there a more efficient way to program drums in Logic Pro?
I already set up my environment so, that I can edit drums in a hyper editor window, but I have the same problem there. It only shows me one region at a time.

Thanks for your ideas!


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