Logic Pro X How to export multiple Tracks in Moo just


Hi ,
Can any one help me to figure out how to export multiple tracks in mono in Logic Pro x.
Generally we record Vocals in Mono. But whenever I am exporting those tracks they are getting stereo. Some people need those Vocals in Mono.
But whenever I am exporting all track they all are getting stereo.
Is there any option that can export as the tracks are Recorded originally.
Or any method that I can export those tracks in mono.
In Protools or Nuendo all tracks are exported as they are.
In logic pro I know one method to split the master in two by clicking the stereo sign then bounce one part. But its only applies to the single track. Whenever I have multiple mono tracks how to export those in mono.


Select all of your tracks. Choose "Export nnn Regions as Audio Files..." from the "File" menu. Choose your export format (WAV, 24-bit) and you should get mono for mono, stereo for stereo...showed up somewhere around 10.3.x of Logic Pro X.