Logic Pro 9 How to feed Logic output into the Korg Monotron and back into Logic

mr rock

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I have just purchased a Korg Monotron and am trying to send sound out from Logic into the Monotron, and then filter the audio in the Monotron and record this back into Logic, however I have a problem.

The audio I want to send out of Logic is routed to the only 2 outputs '1 & 2' on my Edirol UA-25 interface.

I take a mono output from one of these outputs on the rear of the interface and feed this into the Monotron aux-in socket. I then take a signal from the Monotron headphone socket and feed it back into Logic via the audio interface.

The issue is that when the sound is fed back into Logic I can't hear the subtle filtering effects because it is drowned out by the audio track I am sending out.

How can I mute the sound of the outputted audio so that I can only hear the subtleties of the filtering effect in Logic.

Can anyone explain a workaround for this.
I have tried to set up an aggregate device (can I record audio from my iMac instead?) and use the I/O plug in but with no success- any suggestions welcome!

Mr Rock
Monotron Filter.

Hi Mr Rock. I don't think you want an iMac to handle the conversion. Stick with you're interface. The way I do it is I add the monotron as an insert and then feed it back in through another channel. But it sounds like you don't have a desk.

If you're sending the stereo mix to the monotron you shouldn't hear the original sound. Something is amiss. If your input (the final sound you want) is playing aloud through the same original channel (the unaffected sample) then it will just feedback on itself and the filtered sound will be drowned out by the original signal. This sounds like what's happening to you.

Advice: If this is the problem, you might just need more in/outs.
If you're using hardware fx (and now you are, you will get addicted), I'd suggest getting even a couple of extra channels. This way you can just chain it between 2 (or 2xstereo) channels. --> the monotron jacks are proper stereo, so a T connection might be helpful. Be sure to use stereo cables.
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Thanks for the message.
I've taken your advice and gone with the interface option.
I now have a new Focusrite Saffire 24 DSP interface that has multiple outs have have briefly experimented with this.
I've added the Monotron as as insert in Logic as you suggested and am currently using two 3.5mm Stereo Jack Male to 6.35mm Male cables to connect the Monotron to my Saffire.
However, I find that there is only a signal when I pull the cable half out of the Monotron!
I guess this might be to do with a mono/ stereo issue.
When you suggested a T connection is this a 3.5mm Stereo Jack Plug to 2 6.35mm Mono Audio Cable and would this solve this issue?

Also, I have noticed an issue when recording the Monotron directly to my Focusrite and that is the Monotron have unbelievably low output, to the extent that I have to turn my Focusrite channel up to 10 and insert a Gain plug-in in Logic to even get a passable level (which then results in lots of background noise being amplified)!!
Do you also experience this issue and is there a work-around?

You also mention getting addicted to routing sound through hardware effects- I am just about to launch into this- would simple guitar pedals suffice or do you need proper hardware rack effects to get any benefit?

I look forward to your response.
Kind Regards,
Mr Rock
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