Logic Pro X How to filter unwanted MIDI control data from Logic playing notes on external synth?


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I have issue of unwanted control data being sent from Logic as midi notes (start/stop controls, track selections and other mouse-click actions). Resulting notes and hanging drone sounds play via midi-USB on Yamaha Montage synth, newly brought over into Logic studio. <User Terance Taggart had similar issue 3+ years ago posted here and Montage board without clear solution>. 'Bypass all control surfaces' in Logic does eliminate ghost notes, but is not helpful since I do work with Behringer X-touch fader controller, and NI Maschine MK3. Problem also happens when these controllers are removed from system. I need method to filter all but any recorded midi performance note data between Logic to Montage , and would be willing to remove Montage from list of remote control surfaces if that is even possible/helpful. Any Logic insight is greatly appreciated!