how to get optical input working oniMAC


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i want to post process both garage band and logic pro files from my macbook pro, thru an outboard effects unit, and into my iMac.

i have the files playing and outputting on the macbook pro and my effects unit sees the optical input and its metering is showing an output.

my iMac does not seem to be recognizing the data coming into its optical input port.

i have checked the settings and preferences on the iMac, but cant get any digital audio to record?

am using SP/DIF and have correct optical cables.

am i missing something obvious?

thank you for any help

I am not sure of this, but my gut instinct says that you are going to have to make an aggregate device with both the analog and digital I/O to make this work.

How are you monitoring things? If you are using the line out, and using the digital in you are actually using 2 different audio systems... hence the suggestion of trying to make an aggregate device.

Open the Audio Midi utility and then go into the help file to get instructions for how to do this... it's pretty easy, and I suspect it will resolve your issue.

Please let me know if this works or not....
thank you georgelegeriii

i came across that term and didnt get a good understanding of how to construct that, but now i know what are concentrate on. and yes i was monitoring the process out if the master iMac in the chain.

i look this up and see if i am in business 🙂 The nice thing about an optical cable is you can see the read beam coming out🙂