Logic Pro 9 how to group midi channels in logic 9?


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how to group midi channels in logic 9?

For example.. I open three Instrument Channels, and i open three different plugin on each one. How to group the three midi inputs, that when i touch my Midi keyboard i the three sound together in the same notes.

I know that i can record one first and then copy the midi sequence for the other 2 channel, but what i want to do is play live the three sounds together.


You need to set this up in Logic's environment.

Go to the Mixer layer in the environment window (not the track mixer).

In the local new menu create a new instrument. Give it a meaningful name. Then cable the first output to the first virtual instrument you want to trigger. Notice that when you connect the first cable a second "Node" becomes available on this instrument. Use this node to cable to the second instrument and then the third.

Go back to the arrange window and assign this created instrument (which you gave a meaningful name to) as a track and record away. Anything you play will trigger all three instruments at once.

This approach has the benefit of not recording the same MIDI data three times so when you edit the MIDI it affects ALL of the sounds being triggered.

If you want to be able to edit each instrument sound or change the volume balance leave the three instruments available as tracks in your arrange page so they still appear in your track mixer. For processing treat this as one sound and assign all of the instrument outputs to an bus and process on the aux.

Good luck!
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Paul's instructions are of course flawless. But if you want a real "quick and dirty" way to do it, just record enable the record buttons on multiple software instrument tracks. You will then hear them all when you play. When you record, as Paul mentioned, you will get one region with two alias' created on the two additional tracks. It's not the most elegant way to work, but depending on your needs and workflow, may be perfectly adequate.
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Thanks Eli for the kind words:)

Truth be known I did think of your method but as I don't use this kind of technique much I couldn't remember whether your approach would work or not. Also I definitely did not know that with your approach alias regions would be created on the subsequent recorded tracks. So I have learnt something as well!

Kind regards
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