Logic Pro X How to import a WAV sample library into Logic 10?


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I've got a folder (with about 20 sub folders inside) of everything to one hit percussion sounds to 16 bar loops in WAV format. I know this seems like a very simple task but I'm having a hard time figuring out how I import the sounds into Logic 10. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

**Also, as far as the loops go, would I need to convert the loops (currently WAV) to Apple loops? if so, is there a recommended way of going about this?

Thanks so much in advance for any help on these as well as the few other questions I've posted in this forum. Believe me, I'm actively learning everything I can but with Logic's recent update to 10 and my lack of experience using any previous version, it's been a bit tricky in regards to certain aspects.

Thank you all again for any help you're willing to offer. =)


adding your files in any logic song is easy one way being simply use ctrl+click with your mouse inside the main window content (formerly arrange window) for the target track of your choice and you're done
Now because you mention about rythmic content, you might want to convert these to apple loops (i.e. to make them tempo change aware), but this is not so easy to do from my humble remembering, maybe Groove3 instructional videos might cover the subject but it can be fairly complex depending on how much of a perfectionist you are :)

Finally, if all you want for starting is accessing them from LX with no special other considerations, choose the menu Window/View Browsers (F key) and you can get instant access to you files on your hardisk(s)
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LPX can also use Acidized waves, drop the folder on the loop browser and it will index them. You will be able to interact with the tempo and pitch in LPX.

If your waves are not Acidized, download the Apple Loop Utility.

Then you can batch convert, into Apple Loops.

Also the utility allows you to categorize tag, and adjust the transient markers.

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