Logic Pro 8 How to make this classic synth sound?


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Hi guys, I'm new here and new to logic,
here's my question:

how to make that sound? http://www.zshare.net/audio/587319012d3a718d/

It's a classic synth sound but synthesis is still a mystery to me and a bit of help would be appreciated on how I could make such a nice sound.

I'm using logic pro 8. Could anyone give me a quick how-to in order to achieve that sound?

Thanks a lot !
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I couldn't hear this file because of all of the pop ups... if you really want an answer to this you may want to find another host for your files...
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Oh cool - that worked- the first time I tried I got all of these pop ups...

That is just modulation, on the Roland JX3P for example there was a button to engage the LFO Trig, so it became popular for this effect: in the middle of a sequence the player could engage this switch for that - you could accomplish the same thing I think by assigning a ES2 mod. control to a button or pad, or use a Mod Wheel... if you search for a similar pulsy synth and mess around with this - I'm sure you'll get something worked out quickly...
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Much better. :) That sound is a chorused oscillator (hard for me to tell what kind, i.e. saw, triangle or modulated square) with pitch tied to a moderate-speed LFO, then pumped through a bit of reverb.
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I would start with the ES2 as well, and listen to some of the preset lead sounds. The ES2 is quite a good plug.
The synth in that loop is quite full so besides the modulation techniques described above I might also try a touch of delay (with a very small delay time) and a touch of reverb too follow that. Then add some compression to give it that "full body" sound that is in your example. This is just how I would attack this. I'm sure others will do it differently. : )
Oh, just for the record, your link opened with no problem for me. I'm on Safari. Don't know if that has anything to do with the others not being able to access it.

Also, don't be afraid to experiment. That's where some of my happiest synth discoveries take place.

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