Logic Pro 9 How to move a region backwards to grid?


I've moved two regions and tempo mapped them. Because of this I have the second region snapped to the grid on beat 26. I want to now rejoin the 1st region with the 2nd by snapping the end of it to bar 26. Seems simple but I can't think of an easy way to do it. None of the snapping functions work in this way, if the end of the region is not directly on a beat. I could turn on "smart" and nudge it backwards while zoomed way in, but this seems bonehead to me.

I'm looking for an elegant solution. I must be missing something dead easy. Thanks for any help.
Ah ha. Thanks Doug. I gotta say though Shuffle mode is not great. Sometimes you get close, sometimes not. But it took four tries to get it to actually butt up to tick 959. It would hit 954, 956 etc. I guess you have to zoom in but this shouldn't be necessary.

Trim end to region doesn't work for this as far as I can tell. I wonder about the wording. I would never have found this command because to me trim means cut.

Actually further into the process I realize neither of these methods are working. They both create a pop at the edit point that should not be there since I did no trimming or anything to the ends of the files. They should simply join back together seamlessly. This is bugging me. It should be a simple operation.

Anyway, I don't have time today to get to the bottom of this. I'm probably missing something dead simple. At least I hope so.
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Glad trim region worked. As bad as the menu wording is now - it used to have something I thought was even worse.

I've never noticed shuffle not snapping up tight, but for my uses it wouldn't matter if it was a tick or two off. I'll have to look at it more closely.
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OK, a bit deeper into it. Shuffle L. works great. Butts up tightly as expected. Shuffle R. doesn't work at all. It behaves in a completely different manner than Shuffle L. Doesn't even get you in the ballpark and you can't fling it the way you can using the opposite Shuffle mode.

Trim End to Next Region actually does what it says ....... sorta. Except it doesn't trim audio, it actually adds audio back in to butt up to the following region. So the previously cut audio re-appears and completely screws with the edit.

If the shuffle modes worked I'd be a happy camper. Guess we're not quite up to Pro Tools editing ease yet.

So my original query remains. Is there no elegant way to do this?

OK< answering my own question. There may be no elegant way to do this particular operation but there's no need. All I have to do is extend out the region to it's beginning and I've accomplished the same thing. DOH!

Still, I've learned a lot about the program by being such a bonehead so it's not a total write-off.
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I just tested the shuffle right and left modes and they work perfectly as advertised here. There are no gaps, both directions snap as expected. I'm not sure what we're doing differently and why you would experience such behavior. It's possible you have a corrupt project - have you tried these modes in another project?

Trim region does extend region to right, and will only extend as much as the original audio file length. And yes, it reveals any audio activity that was present.

So when you extend a region's beginning, I assume you're dragging the second region's start to abut to the first region's end? If so, I'd probably use no overlap mode and then adjust the seam (if needed) with the junction pointer.
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Hey Doug ..... Well I doubt that my project was corrupt as there is only one audio file in the whole dang thing although I did do a lot of tempo mapping so who knows? At any rate I opened a new project tried shuffle and it worked as advertised. So I'm happy.

I think Trim region doesn't really work for what I'm trying to accomplish.

Thanks for the help.
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