Logic Studio apps How to mute vocal FX in Concert

In Mainstage I'm running into a seemingly easy problem which I'm finding difficult to cure.

What I'm finding very difficult to do is to map a controller button (Waves GTR Ground) at Concert level to mute and unmute vocal FX (reverb and echo sends). Between songs dialogue is a bit difficult with vocal FX still operational.

I know Peter Ostrey is very good at this sort of mapping, perhaps he would be good enough to give me an idiot guide again, as he has in the past for another area with which I had difficulty.

Thanks in advance

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Same mapping as for all other channelstrips.
The FX channelstrip has to be on concert level.

  1. Go to layout mode, make a button, learn MIDI for it.
  2. Go to edit mode, select the Concert in the patch list.
  3. Activate the button.
  4. In the list below the graphic display search your channelstrip and select it's mute button.
  5. Done.
Maybe you missed one of the two things I made bold in the text above.

Peter Ostrey
My name is Ostry, not Ostrey. But I like your version more.
Looks nice :)
Thank you, Peter, for you assistance, and apologies for my faulty spelling.

I do find difficulties in getting this program to do what I want to do - maybe it's time to get back to the manual and try to translate it into comprehensible English one more time.