How to not get notifications via email


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I like the forum, but I'm at a loss how to not get

New Post/Thread Notifications piling into the LUG mail list

I'm sure its somewhere, but I could not find how to STOP receiving notifications. This should be in the footer of every email going to LUG. I think it adds to the feeling of anger of people complaining.

I'm into this but can't find where to turn the friggin thing off.



Per Boysen

You can set that up easily! I just did it, and I'm not receiving any
of those "New Forum Posts" to the LUG list any more. This is how you

Open the Forum page.
Click "User CP" at the navigation bar.
Under the headline "Settings and Options", click "Edit Options".
In the box "Default Thread Subscription Mode" use the drop-down menu
to chose "No Email Notifications".

That's it!

I still subscribe to email notifications when someone posts into a
forum thread that I am monitoring.

Next thing I did was to sign up with the RSS reader Bloglines Beta and
use it to subscribe to the Forum RSS. This is a very fast way of
monitoring forum discussions in a web browser. The interface is
somewhere between Mail and Gmail.
(Got that tip from you BTW, so thanks a lot! Just mentioning Bloglines Beta here for other readers that might want to monitor this excellent forum by RSS)