Logic Pro 8 How to open Sample-editor at play position?

Hello, just a simple Q, When I listen and edit midi in the arrange window I set the playhead where I want edit, opt-click and the piano-roll opens at that point. How to do that with audio? When I set playhead and opt-click on an audiotrack it opens at the beginning of the audio-file. How to do it?


Try saving your session with the catch icon enabled in the Sample Edit Window.

If that doesn't work, it definitely will work with the pop up version of the Sample Editor in the Arrange Window.
Thanks for input, I saved song with the follow-button but it opens at the beginning all the same. I tried the flip-ups and the piano-roll flip opens at position but the sample-edit flip opens at start. If I have already edited somewhere, it open at that pos- place. Hm, You must have got it to work. I thought about keeping a sample-edit window open in the background without ever closing it. The reason I asked is that I listen for small errors on vocaltracks in the arrange-window and stop "right there" when I hear something. But then I have to find it in the sample-editor.
sync sample-editor

I was starting to think in terms of: maybe it is the fact that I have been cutting and comping my audio, then flatten and merged it and this new comp-file doesn't get locked to the time-line. The score pop-up does, piano-roll does but audio doesn't. //


Ya know, I can''t get it to work either. Eli, what's the magic?
Unfortunately there is no magic. I checked again and it's pretty much the same for me. The first time I hit "W" to open an audio file playing in the Arrange Window in the sample editor pop up it doesn't open in place. I usually just back up a and and hit play and then stop to give the sample editor a chance to "catch up".

If I option double click while the file is playing in the Arrange Window to open a real Sample Edit Window, it does open up with the playhead at the right position. But then it's har dto stop playback. The space bar works on the newly open active window and starts playback there instead of stopping it in the Arrange Window.

I've been doing a bit of experimenting/testing and it is very tricky. Once the file is playing in the Arrange Window, if you hit W, the sample editor pop up will open up while the file is still playing at the correct position. But then if you hit the space bar to stop playback, it triggers playback in the sample editor pop up instead, just as in the stand alone window. The problem is that when you hit W, the pop up becomes the active pane in the Arrange Window - which doesn't serve us well in this particular scenario.

And stopping playback first and then opening the Sample Edit Window or pop up doesn't seem to work either like I thought it did.

The best solution seems to be to have a good old fashioned screen set with a stand alone Arrange Window, and a stand alone Sample Edit Window. Then things seem to work as expected.
Yes, to "open the editor before stopping": W and Stop that is a way of getting there and I will use that. That is better than scrolling from bar 1. The thing to remember then is that the space-bar won't stop the sample-editor, have to use the transport. Thanks for your concern.
@Eli, thanks for the follow-up. I thought I was missing something.

@Jay, I'm a screen set guy too. Just worked with someone today who never had - showed him a few ways I used them - I think he's come over to the light. ;)

Now, doesn't it bug you that the Apple took out the tile widows commands in 8? (Or if it's there, please let me know). That was so fast to set up a screen set......
Nor is there now the key command to close floating windows, and closing last window closes the project..... but now this is going into thread hijack mode and probably belongs in the moan zone, so I'll stop here.
Yes, and it bugs me that what Apple puts in the system (like spaces) they take out of their music-software. Apple also invented the variable fontsize but don't use them in their software. My miditrack has one icon (an elephant), text, buttons and midi-representation. There is a zoom for better viewing, but only 'one' of the above objects gets bigger when zooming: Yapp, you guessed it, the elephant gets huge.. (it's a big animal.) So I zoom out again, and try to lower my screen-resolution more on my laptop. It's anyway bigger than an iPhone application.