how to place mono tracks in stereo field spectrum To make full sound with no effects at first


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Here is a puzzle I want to figure out I know it’s possible

how to place mono tracks in stereo field spectrum

Ok let say I have mono baseline that I have duplicated 4 mono tracks for the left side of the headphones

And then duplicated 4 mono baseline tracks for the right of the headphones

And one mono baseline track right up the middle

So my question is how do I keep track and control the phasing issues that come from one baseline track clashing into another baseline track in the stereo sonic field

so I can blend them all together with each track having it certain place in space without clashing or bleeding into another baseline track?

Peter Ostry

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To place the same mono track in different positions of the stereo field, you can:
  1. Send the signal via busses to multiple aux channelstrips and use their pan knobs.
  2. Duplicate the track. This forces you to make all changes on each track. With instrument tracks you can partly avoid additional work by using aliases instead of copies of the regions.
Identical sources panned to the same position makes non sense, this is just louder. Better make the instrument itself louder or insert the Logic Gain plugin or similar to increase the volume. Same with panning two mono sources hard left/right – it stays mono and just gets louder.

There are no phase issues with identical mono tracks, because they are all in phase and just add up. If you hear slight phasing on speakers, it comes from room reflections. If you hear phasing on headphones, there is a technical problem. But there are phase issues when you delay, filter or pitch the tracks differently and in these cases the "issues" are exactly what you want.

Just for understanding each other: The term "base line" means nothing in this context. I rather think you mean the bass, the instrument.