Logic Pro 8 how to reinstall EXS instruments?


I know it's been discussed before, but I can't find the thread.

Can someone remind me how to reinstall the EXS instruments lost when I upgraded to L8?

I'm not certain, but I think it involves the use of a third party app called Pacifist, which allows you to get deeper in to the installer than the regular installer interface, and allows for access to the specific elements the installer handles; and allows you to extract the files you need.

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Hello Peter....I know this thread is very old but I was wondering if you ever did use Pacifist and did it work for what you needed with your Logic disks?
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ReeRee64: I can't remember. I have Pacifist on my HD but when I opened it to see if it triggered any memories, nothing came up , sorry. Something must've worked as I have all my ESX files :)

why do you ask?

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Thanks for responding Peter. That's alright...it has been awhile. Someone mentioned using Pacifist as a possible way to find a synth plug in that's missing since I had to re-install Logic8 due to a replaced hard drive. But since then, I've been advised that re-installing Garage Band would probably work. Glad you've got your files back. Peace & Blessings
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