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At this time, in the context of Christmas, I am working on manipulating some midi files to make it suit my needs for Christmas.I am importing some midi files that I found on the internet inside Logic 9 and reworking them to make them more polished, sound better etc. But one thing I noted on these files is that the volume set for many of the tracks inside the midi files have been set already. And it's quite annoying and you cannot mix the song yourself if you don't remove these values. They seem to be data on the track present at the very beginning of it and what I've been doing to counter it is to introduce an automation for volume inside each of these tracks and lower the volume (THey are often set too high and create clippings when played inside Logic) before the song really begins.

But is there a better way to do it. How to I remove these volume data found at the beginning of the tracks completely so that I have full control of the volume levels for each of them! THanks in advance!:confused:
Open up the Event List for each track, one at a time, and remove all the CC 07 events at the beginning. These are the MIDI volume events. You may also find pan and other MIDI CC controller info that you might want to remove.
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Open up the Event List for each track, one at a time, and remove all the CC 07 events at the beginning.
The Event list method seems to be most popular I agree but not the best cause it is weird and time consuming to open say 10-16 midi tracks, filter the view, select similar etc.

Some time ago I developed the "Batch event Delation" trick (as well "Clutching the midi events" see the link below) which does the job in one step.

Midi events Batch Delation Tip

1. Select all problem regions in the Arrange (in my scenario I hit Cmd+A if all regions are imported from SMF).
2. Open the Transform Window and create a custom template using the next settings for Volume (CC7) delation:
- Switch the top right "Mode" to "Delete Selected Events"
- Condition "Status" = Control
- Condition "Data Byte 1" = 7
3. Hit the "Select & Operate" button.

You can create the same Transform preset for say CC10 (pan) delation by setting the "Data Byte 1"=10 etc. It is a good idea to save that Logic song as a Template song or to use Import Project setting (Transform) to any song you need such Batch Delation.
By the way I have developed an "Ultra Transform Batch Delation" template which can delete in one go the all midi events which affect the Logic channel strip like CC 3,7,9,10,28-35 etc. I'll publish that template in the upcomming "Tips & Tricks" section in my site...

Regarding the "Clutch" tip non-destructive tip I was talking about. This tip clutches (backups) the harmful events into some neutral events (say Meta events) so you can transform them back at any time in case if you need the original midi data. I have posted a detail info with images in the LPH forum - here is the link below (my nick there is Scandor using "AG" avatar):

Batch Clutching Midi Events Tip
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