Logic Pro 9 How to Scrub Made Easy for Novices


I have been frustrated by my inability to scrub in the arrange window with any consistency. Even my esteemed instructor on Groove 3, Eli, had said there is no way to do this. (1)

My description is after a post by Ming, in late 2009:

While in play, hit the pause button. (PLAY and PAUSE will both be highlighted now)
"Grab" the play-line at any point and pull it, either forward or back, and all unmuted tracks will be heard. :thmbup:

(1) https://logic-users-group.com/forums/threads/sound-midi-events-with-cursor.5420/
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That';s what happens when I skim through the LUG and reply too quickly :redface:

I just remembered I forgot to mention scrubbing while in pause mode (see my other response to your other thread on this). And you came up with it simultaneously!

In any case, glad it's finally sorted out....


Yes, thank you, Eli.
Now if it was only smooth and didn't fly up the track like a fox being chased by hounds. Perhaps it will be "repaired' in some iteration down the road.