Logic Pro 9 How to separate USB- and Master-Keyboard in Logic


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I have two keyboards connected to my iMac and want to assign different software instruments to each keyboard so I can play two different sounds on two different keyboards.

My setup:
1. My first keyboard is a Roland FP-7 masterkeyboard connected to a M-Audio ProFire 610 Firewire-Audio-Interface which goes, guess what, to my iMac via Firewire.
2. My controller keyboard is a AxiomPro 61 which connects to my Mac via USB.

Right now, both keyboards show in Logic's environment, both always play the same instrument and both are fully functional in Logic (the Axiom's HyperControl is perfectly working as well, i. e. installed correctly.)
Now, what I want to do is, tell certain software instruments, I want to play them on my Axiom or my Roland. I tried several tips on the internet, changed the MIDI channels of both keyboards and changed the corresponding MIDI channels in Logic's tracks - still: both keyboards play exactly the same. My guess: Is there anything I have to do in the environment? Right now, I have a basic setup, I assume, with my Axiom, my ProFire Firewirebox and the Caps-Lock-Keyboard on the left. Then it goes to the keyboard and so on...

Could someone please give me a step-by-step instruction, how to set this up?
Thanks so much.
I saw your post on Logic Pro Help and David posted a link to step by step instructions for you. Did you follow that link and follow each step of those instructions? They should work. Don't forget to record enable each of the tracks involved.
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