Logic Pro 9 How to set midi input channel?

Missing something simple, I think.

How do you set the midi input channel for recording on a midi instrument channel.?
I have a drum machine which only sends out midi chnl 1, but I want it to input to , say, recording track 11, with midi channel 11.

I know how to set up the recording channel #, (to 11), and record, but it records with midi channel 1. Then I can go to list, and edit the midi #, but that's cumbersome.

Possible to do it at the input ?
Thx for any answer
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Set the midi channel to 11 in the instrument inspector. Done.
If I read the OP correctly George, this has been already done - here it is:
"I know how to set up the recording channel #, (to 11), and record, but it records with midi channel 1. "

There are a few scenarios around your question:
1. If you have set Logic to Multiplayer Mode ON (Logic Settings ->Recording->Autodemix by midi channel enabled)", then you need proper instrument track midi channelizing. It is valid for the Multitimbral instruments mostly.

2. If you have set Logic to Multiplayer Mode OFF (Logic Settings ->Recording->Autodemix by midi channel disabled)", then the recorded regions will follow the track ch# laws. For example, if you use a Software instrument which channel is set to say 15 and the real midi data on that track uses ch.1, you will have no problems - the Software Instrument will read that data.

If you use a hardware sound device external module you can set a Multi Instrument as a Transformer so you do not need to use the Event List to transform manually the midi ch# - have a look at this forum thread about that here where I explain all that in details plus a demo Video.
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Uh, YES it does work.

Record midi on a track, any channel you want.

In the instrument inspector, set midi channel to 11, and your midi data is channelized to midi channel 11.

Wasn't that the question? How to simply rechannel my midi data to another channel? I reread the problem, and this would be the fastest way I can think of (as well as the simplest, but some people prefer to do things in more challenging ways than some).
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Hmm. Georgel...and Tangra...thanks for the two methods.
Tho, been trying the inspector method, and still can't see the thing working.
I'm inputting midi data from a drum machine that only sends out midi channel #10, sequencing on track 12. Using software instrument "Studio Drum Kit", stock Logic drums. No matter if I change the midi # within inspector before, or after, sequencing, it still shows up as midi channel 10 on the list.

Reading and trying to understand the Transformer method...might be the ticket but seems very cumbersome.
I recently got a hold of a Motu micro express, which might be able to do what I want in the interface stage. Still learning curve on this unit.

i want to do this process because of some recorded songs which have tracks filled up, say up to 12, and I want to add some drums on new tracks with matching midi channel #'s. Seems like a normal thing to do, and also seems like logic could make it easy.
Maybe it does, and I'm missing something.

Thax for all the input. Still head scratching.
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No matter if I change the midi # within inspector before, or after, sequencing, it still shows up as midi channel 10 on the list.
Yes, that's true! The recorded midi data follows the Logic Sequencer laws not the Track inspector channel settings. The event list shows the actual recorded data. Even that the Instrument objects can be used as real-time transformers (did you read the link I showed in my previous post - there is a video where I show that). So your Studio Drum Kit must read that data on its track, even that data does not respond to its midi channel setting ?

If you still want to record the incoming midi and transform it to any channel you want you have to patch (cable) a Transformer object between the Physical Input object and the Sequencer Input one in the Click & Ports Environment layer. Double click the transformer to show its interface and try the next example settings.
Set the Condition channel "Cha" to ch10 in the top row.
Set the Operation channel to ch.12 (in the bottom row).
In this scenario the all incoming midi data which uses ch.10 will be transformed to ch.12.
Note: If you use multiple hardware midi devices which send data on ch.10 you will have a problem cause you may do not want to transform the data of one of those devices. In this scenario you have to cut the "Sum" cable of the Physical Input and patch separate cables to the sequencer from each midi IN port pin and patch the transformer between the wished IN device and the sequencer !
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1) As was said, the midi channel will SEND the selected midi channel, so while the list says 1, the actual track sends out another.

2) If you want to rechannelize on input, then yes, you will have to go into the environment and create a custom transform object to do this. The issue with this method is that you will have to set up the correct midi channel you want to convert to each time you record any data into Logic, and do have the issue of combining multiple midi controllers into a single data stream...

All that said, I'd just create a simple transform command (set midi channel x to midi channel x) or even easier, open the list, and do it there (select all, select the midi channel column, and move up or down to change to the channel desired.

I reread your reason but I'm not sure what you are doing... Logic can have hundreds of tracks, each one can be set to receive on channel 1 and trigger a single instrument, one to one. So I can have drums channel 1, receive on channel 1, a bass track on channel 1, a piano on channel 1, etc.

I don't have to change the channel on my controller ever, unless I'm using a multi-timbral device (can receive on more than 1 channel at the same time and play more than 1 sound).
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Set midi channel, another method

Hey,Thanks George...and Tangra,

You both tried to steer me toward a solution to my midi question.

George: you're right. There's not really a good reason to do what I'm trying, since Logic can have many more than 16 tracks, so matching midi channels is ridiculous. But I'm migrating from a dedicated 16 track DAW (Roland Fantom) which basically is 1 track, 1 channel, and it's easy to switch midi channels thru editing, and , most important, I'm used to it.
In transfering my tunes to Logic, trying to do the same thing.

Tangra. I'm amazed at your comprehension of Logic's deep processes, and thanks for trying to explain them. It's still not so easy from my end.

But...I came up with a different solution to switching midi channels on input from a device which will only send on 1 channel. I bought a Motu Micro Express, used but good ($35) and it does exactly what I want. Took a few tech calls to Motu, but it works. 4 in, 6 out....all I need, switches midi channels, + other stuff.

Life goes on, and the Music lives.
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