Logic Pro 9 How to set midi keys to toggle plugins or patches?


I'm new and using Logic Pro 9.

I'm in a band and we're using Logic for our live keyboard sounds. We have a few songs that require different patches. I'd like to have those different patches all in one Project. Is there a way to switch patches within a Project without clicking on a mouse? Can this be done by syncing midi notes from different buttons on top of the midi keyboard? I've watched some tutorials on using "Cmd + K" but that seemed to only control different parameters of each patch.

Also, is there a way to tie two patches together and still be able to switch through the other patches? For one of our sounds I have a split keyboard with strings patch on one side and a pad patch on the other. Right now to get the effect to work properly I have to hit Record on both plugins . I'd like to tie those two together so if I manually click one, both will be highlighted and produce the sounds I need.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for the slow reply but why not just use Apple MainStage? That is exactly what it is designed for. It’s only $30 or $40 dollars...
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