Logic Pro 9 How to show staff names in score view


How do you get the staff names in score view to always display to the left of the staff? In the Score Preferences, I've checked Instrument names and the position says Besides Staves. They don't even show up at bar one. I can't find this in the manual or Googling. Any idea? I've kind of shied away from using notation after having to abandon a transposed mess created by the chords track.
Ah, found it, I think: Global tracks in View. Though this doesn't look like most notation programs, at least I can tell what track I'm looking at.
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There can be differences between what you see when working and what you want to see on the final printout.

To see the instrument names when working it's view > Instrument names. These show in the grey bar to the left of the page, so they are purely for your convenience while working.

I tried transposition once and have also decided not to use it again. Nice idea but possibly still buggy or not quite thought through. Hopefully it is sorted by now or very soon will be.

To actually add the names to the score page so they are there when the page is printed you need:

Project settings> Score> Numbers and names where you specify above or beside the staff and whether it's just the first staff or every staff.

IMO, apart from a couple of well documented niggles, the notation in Logic can be surprisingly good and useful for most commercial needs.
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