Logic Pro 9 how to use the environment to filter false midi?


A few months ago I was shown how to use the environment to accept 6 seperate strings from my Axon AX50 midi guitar controller and filter most of the false triggered notes. I lost my template and can't remember the steps.
It would be best to contact the person again, who told you how to do it. If this is not possible we can work it out here but need more information about the events that should be filtered.
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Well, the event is a midi guitar through an Axon AX-50. As I recall there was a method of telling logic to disregard note shorter than??? (some value )through a dialog drop down. This really cut down on false notes. There were two components to this setup one was the Axon with 6 out. I'm sorry I can't be more specific. I got real busy with packing and moving and lost what little of Logic that I had learned.
I have a Macbook Pro OS X 10.6.3, 2.8 Ghz, 4gig ram, Logic V9, Fender Strat with Graph Tech ghost.
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Thanks for the help...I looked for that thread but missed it. Now it is starting t come clear again. I just packed up my gear for another leg of my journey around the country. I'll be back online in a few days.
Thanks again..Tom
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Best of luck on your journey.

Here are some strategies that I use to keep track of information:
1. Use Safari bookmarks (organized into topic folder) for easy retrieval at a later time.

2. Copy and paste web content into Text Edit (included in OSX). I always include the name of the poster even though it's hard to tell whether or not the information originated with with that person. You could even copy the web address of that particular thread and paste right into your Text Edit document.

3. Learn how to how to take Screen Shots using Preview (included in OSX). The document I posted included two screen shots made with Preview>File>Take Screen Shot>From Selection. Each image was then pasted into a Text Edit document, then saved as a PDF.

4. We are all learners at various levels. OSX provides us with a range of very easy to use tools with which we can make "informational" documents to remind of us stuff we learn but forget as life gets busy. Just be sure to save these documents in meaningfully labeled folders the Documents folder.

MIDI guitar is incredibly rewarding for those who are patient enough to master it.

Best regards,

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