Logic Pro 9 how to zoom in to track


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am a newbie in logic pro. wanted to know how to view tracks in zoom mode. I notice when i zoom in, the wav becomes pixelated.

am attaching 2 images here, the top image shows my track and the pixelated wave form. the bottom image is what i am trying to get it to display.


thank you much!
There is a "rebuild overview" key command I believe. try that to get your audio overview to be displayed properly.

Strange that, never seen it in all my Logic years...


George, he's talking about the waveform zoom located right above "midi" in his screen shot. As far as I know, this is just how it looks when one zooms in a lot vertically, even in Logic 10. Other daws don't pixelate. So in other words, this is "normal" for logic.

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Dave, the waveform on both shots is audio data, and neither is zoomed in to any degree...
So, I disagree, the pixilation in the upper image is not normal.

That said, YES, if you zoom in to sample level, it shows the level of each sample, but I wouldn't call it pixilated, would you?


Here's where I get pixelation. It's when the recording level is super low and I can barely see the waveform. When I use the waveform zoom button and zoom way in it becomes jagged. This is only an issue on stuff that was recorded way too low and has only happened to me when I've opened up other people's poorly recorded projects. You don't really see anything weird when things have been recorded at a decent level. The OP could boost the gain of the soundbite in the waveform editor a good 10 or 20 DB if he wants to see it better but that's a destructive process.


I agree 100%: you get it when zooming Vertically on a very low recorded track. So, there is your answer: record your parts at a higher level ;-)