Logic Pro 9 How useable are the soundsets?

In Logic good drum sounds come with the Ultrabeat plugin; you can set up the channel routing, sub groups and side chain fixes with no limitation. As for Hammond organ sound Logic is well equipped thanks and a quite fun patch library that names players, styles and songs from the organ sound. I don't understand what you mean with "blues styles horns" so I won't try to answer that (I've managed to get decent "Stax style horns", "African" and "small symphony horns" (French horn, trumpet, trombone) with the Logic library. There are not much phrases in the horn samples, more like tonally playable keyboard setups; but if you want phrases you can cut and paste from the vast Apple Loops library that comes with the app, and mix that in with the sampler patches. As for guitar amp/cab sounds I'd say that Logic's Amp Designer is at egual level as Guitar Rig but I think the two sound different. Over here we mostly use a Fractal Audio AxeFx2 for tracking guitars but for a few certain guitar amp sounds I have to grab Amp Designer.
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LOVE the Logic Pro library, Studio Drums is one of my personal favorite drums, and with decent, EQ and compression, sound like the real thing.

I have Komplete as well, all extras are good but Komplete adds Massive, FM8, and Reaktor, ALL gotta haves in my book for pop music /dance/edm stuff. And don;t forget Kontakt 5 and all the great stuff that come with it.

In my books you really have to have both.
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I Agree

The sound library is nice as well if you are looking for natural sounding drums not the electronic. It is also very easy to chop up the samples and make your own rhythms. Flex time lakes it easy to fit to your exact timing.:hippy:
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If you download all the content, you can choose between drum kits from EXS24 sample kits, also lots of 3rd party libraries.

Ultrabeat, is a drum synth, that can also load samples, and you can apply synth parameters to the samples.

Ultrabeat also contains a step sequencer, and it can also load the EXS kits.

Then there are Apple Loops, that will time stretch to the project tempo.
Any audio region can be converted an EXS instrument and played via midi.

Also included is the legacy Guitar Amp Pro, Amp Designer, Bass Amp.
Bass Amp is in need of an upgrade.
Comparable to Amplitube and Guitar Rig.

I also have Amplitube and Guitar Rig, mostly for more bass options.

The included synths are comparable to 3rd party options and provide a good palette.

You may not need Komplete, but Kontakt would be a good add.
I think the stock horns sound better and are more expressive with Kontakt, plus the availability of great 3rd party libraries.

Go to the Apple site search on logic pro for specifics, plus there are video and audio example from Logic.
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