Logic Pro 9 How You Auto Name Tracks When Adding Multiple Audio Files To Arrange???

Is it just me or has this super useful option been deleted from the latest version of Logic?
It used to be that when you added multiple audio files to the Audio Bin and then selected 'Add To Arrange', you would get a whole list of choices of how to do this. Including 'Use Audio File Name as Track Name'.
This no longer seems to be an option or have Apple in their infinite wisdom(??) decided to hide this incredibly useful(read necessary) option in a totally different place??
I've just added almost 70 files to my default song to mix and now may have to name every track by hand!!
I just can't wait to load up the other songs :mad:
Not happy! :angryfire::angryfire::angryfire:
And I ain't a newbie. I've been using Logic every day since 2001!
Any ideas?
Please help
Soho Steve
Thanks for your reply.
I didn't change any preferences.
I did a straight upgrade from Logic 8 to 9 and have found since then that it has disappeared.
I'm a little confused by your suggestion of 'See page 123 of the users guide' as my Users Guide is from Logic Pro 8. Unfortunately Apple no longer deem it necessary to provide a full manual when you purchase an update!!
Very shoddy in my opinion as this case in point illustrates.
Any further help would be gratefully accepted.
Kind thanks
It shouldn't do this, unless you have changed your General Preferences. See p. 123 of the User Guide.
Dunno what manual you're referring to by this as I've looked at my Logic 8 manual which gives direction on Working With Markers on page 123 and just downloaded the Logic 9 manual which on page 123 only discusses Using The Transport Bar!
Could you kindly be more specific?
To reiterate, the problem I have is relates to Adding an audio file from the Audio Bin. Using the drop down menu in the Audio Bin you find Add Files To Arrange which gives you several options.
This used to give you an option to use the Audio File to name the track.
If you checked this option, when it added all the files to the Arrange page, all the tracks would be named to correspond to the Audio files.
The option has now disappeared from that part of the adding files to arrange process. It didn't used to be some kind of global option before. You could choose to do it on a song by song basis.
So, since it wasn't a Preference in previous versions of Logic, why should it suddenly become one now?
Please, please, someone out there, can you offer more definitive help??
Thank you
I think I've finally worked it out for myself!

It would seem that it is found in the Configure Track Header under the View menu immediately above the main Arrange Area Naming section.
Just select Auto Name.
That seems to do it.... :tongue:
Sorry about the page - I don't see as well I used to.

Apparently your problem is solved.
Indeed it is. And thank you most kindly for your efforts anyway.
From what I can make out, it wasn't a changed preference, it was actually a change in how the latest version of Logic is configured.