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I'm using logic 8, and when I use the hyper editor to adjust volume for a particular region, it sometimes will affect the volume for the entire track.

I'm wondering why it does this? My understanding is it should only affect the area you fill in the pencil marks on. Instead it turns down the volume on my entire track.

I'm just looking for an easy way to turn down an instrument during a particular section (during a hook for example).

I thought the hyper editor was the way to go but instead of just turning it down during the 8 bar section I assign it to, instead the entire track goes down.

anyone know how to use the hyper editor?? Thanks!!
The thing with volume automation like this is that it will remain at the last value you entered. It doesn't automatically revert to a previous value. So, if you drew in some volume automation with hyperdraw; just make sure to add in a value at the end to bring it back up to where you want it to be. This applies to any volume automation, no matter where it's done in Logic.

Same thing goes for the beginning. If your automation only starts in the middle of the project somewhere, make sure to enter a volume node somewhere at the beginning, so that it defaults to that value _until_ the playhead gets to the part with the new automation in it.

You might find this all easier to visualize with track automation. Hyperdraw will certainly work fine, but it separates the data from the larger context of the whole project. Although, there's no problem with this, it can be confusing if you're not used to working with volume automation.
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David at LPH answered this guy thoroughly. If he still does not get it, any time you spend trying to help him here probably will not be successful.
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Ok that makes sense, I have to set a trigger at the beginning with hyper editor.

The only thing I don't get is, sometimes I will make a volume adjustment with hyper editor and it actually does go to the volume I assign, then bounce back to the original volume. It also starts out at the original volume. So it only changes volume in that area I hyper edited, which is marked in white on the region in the arrange window.

I just get confused as to why, sometimes, it will work for me that way and other times it changes the volume of the entire track. It seems like when I use the line tool it changes the entire track, so maybe it has something to do with the line tool.

If anyone can answer that question for me, I would love it! And I would feel like I am starting to understand Hyper Editor.

But yeah, I will start adding a volume node in the beginning, when it does mess up the whole track for me. Automation seems to work well for me too, I just like Hyper Editor for some reason.

Anyways, thx for the help as always I appreciate it!
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Your post is very confusing. It seems you are talking about three different things here. First you asked about the Hyper Editor, which is a separate window for drawing MIDI notes and controller events onto a region graphically. Then you talk about the Arrange Window; which leads me to suspect that maybe you are actually asking about Hyper Draw; which is another form of region based automation that can be entered directly in the Arrange Window. Then you talk about the line tool - which leads me to think that maybe you are talking about track automation. All three are different things.
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I'm pretty sure I'm talking about hyper editor. I'm talking about Logic 8. It is on the transport, right next to score. It says: Mixer, Sample Editor, Piano Roll, Score, Hyper Editor.

So I click on Hyper Editor, then I go to my section I want to edit notes on. Bars 5-9 for example. I switch to pencil tool and draw in the notes. Then I can press escape and select the line tool. This lets me set all the notes at the same velocity.

The reason I brought up the arrange window is because, in the arrange window, it marks the area I changed velocity. There are white markings on the region.

If I'm explaining it wrong, sorry for all the confusion. Thanks again!
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Okay that's clear - the Hyper Editor. But now you're talking about velocity and drawing in notes. That's different than volume. Velocity is one of the attributes MIDI notes. It is not a continuous controller like volume is. Velocities are always tied to their underlying note. Velocity cannot exist separately from notes.

So, I'm still not sure what problem you are having exactly. If you are editing note velocities, there should be no problem with the track changing levels. If you are generating MIDI volume events (CC 7) than you need to create the additional nodes I mentioned in my original response.
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Ok thanks that makes more sense. There is something else I don't get though. If I edit the volume, using either the hyper editor or the automation, the fader will adjust to whatever level I have it set to, when it comes to that point in the song, right?

That's what it seems to do anyways. When I let the song play, the fader goes to that level, as soon as the change comes. But doesn't that mean if there is any automation on an instrument, there is no point to adjusting the faders (to lower the volume) because at the point of automation, the fader will go to whatever volume is assigned?

So I can't really adjust the volumes of my instruments unless I want to go back through all the automation and adjust the volumes accordingly?

Is that correct?

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Exactly. That's the nature of automation. It's the opposite of adjusting things manually. You can't adjust things manually anymore once you've entered automation. The faders will follow the automation.
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Hmm thanks so much for the info. So do people often times avoid using automation, for that very reason? So that they can adjust the volumes of their tracks manually without worrying about it changing?
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It's either one or the other. If your track only needs a single static volume setting, then there's no need for volume automation. If you need to have the level change over time, you need to use automation.
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Ok. It seems if you have only certain parts that need volume changing, such as hooks, it's best to just use note velocity instead, do you agree?
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Velocity doesn't always do the same thing as volume. Often velocity is tied to either filters or envelopes (in synths); or triggers different samples (in sampler instruments like the EXS 24). If you can get away with using velocity, then yeah; use it. It keeps things less complicated. Using automation is more of a commitment.
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