Logic Pro 8 Hyper Editor Issue


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I'm new to Logic Pro, and I'm int he middle of going through the Apple Training book on using the application for version 8.

I'm currently working through the Drum Programming chapter. Right now, I'm learning how to use the Hyper Editor. I can see the blue representation of notes on the screen. In my book, it says to select the first note on a particular lane. For some reason, though, the note does not respond to my clicks. It's dimmed out, and even when I hover and/or click on the note there's no response.

There are a few other notes that have that issue, but most of the notes otherwise will play. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason on location; a few notes in the editor also are non-responsive to my mouse clicks.

This can become a pain later on when I use it real-world. If you can offer any suggestions on how to deal with this issue, I'd appreciate it.

Again, I'm using Logic Pro 8 (with all of the updates) on a Intel iMac 20" with OS X v. 10.5.8.

Thanks for reading; looking forward to your replies.



The book is (slightly) incorrect.

Selecting events in the HyperEditor is dependent on exactly which 'quantisation grid' the event is actually on.

The book requires you to 'humanize', which slightly moves the events such that they may not be exactly on the Q grid.

You will probably find that if you try clicking either side of the event in question (the next/previous grid slot, you may be able to do as the book suggests.

HyperEdit is much easier to work with if you don't humanize first.


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