Logic Pro 9 HyperDraw "Other" controllers window: Will it Float?


I'm not talking about the David Letterman skit "Will it Float?"

Is there a way to keep the Other window (from the pop up list of controllers in HyperDraw) open in a screenset??? Based on my experiments it doesn't seem possible.

A very useful MIDI screenset would include: a sliver of the Arrange Window, large Piano Roll window shared with HyperDraw, an open Transform window (which will stay open when saved in a screenset), and the Other window lengthened vertically, tucked into the far right of the screen for quick access of controllers not otherwise listed in the pop up.

Given the strong desire by folks (including myself) for decent autotune/melodyne-like pitch transposition in Logic, it doesn't seem like a floating HD Other window is on Apples mind at this time.

No, you can't open dedicated hyper draw windows. (And you can't keep the "other" window open as far as I know). They are by their nature tied to one of the other windows. Either Arrange, Piano Roll, or Score. You should be able to toggle the hyper draw section open in one of the MIDI editors and set it to display the parameter you want and save that in a screenset.

Alternatively, you could think about using a Hyper Editor window for this kind of controller editing. You can easily display and edit a custom group of multiple CC events in a fairly efficient screen space.
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I was pretty certain that the Other window was not designed to stay open but thought it wouldn't hurt to get expert input.

Hyper Draw is accessed only from the Piano Roll by habit on my part so it was useful to realize that it can be accessed in other places. And certainly Hyper Editor offers the greatest amount of functionality.

I guess I just like the look of Hyper Draw and being able to draw with lines and nodes.
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In Preferences > General > Editing, you have the handy option of being able to choose which of the 4 Midi editor windows you want open when you double click on a midi region. It might suit you to change it from the default Piano Roll to Hyper Editor...
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Thanks for the reference to the Preferences setting.

What prompted this question was seeing the open Group Settings window in screenset 2 of the Lily Allen tune "The Fear" (Logic 9 demo).

So I thought, maybe I could keep the "Other" HyperDraw window open in this manner as described at the beginning of this thread.

Like the Environment, it is what it is and will continue to be.
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