Logic Pro 8 Hyperdraw

Not really a biggy but something that has always bugged me and can waste time sometimes.

I mix tracks extensively using hyperdraw. Obviously for many parameters but primarily for controlling the volume changes. I generally do the view/hyperdraw option but can occasionally use it in automation mode, brought up by hitting 'A'.

Is there some sort of hierarchy with the hyperdraw in automation mode and the one that's normally there in the normal view? It seems as though the volume hyperdraw in automation mode takes precedence....is this correct?

Is it the case that I need to make sure I only use one or the other or can settings be made?

Logic 8.0.2
First, some terminology:
HyperDraw refers to the kind of drawing of automation you might do. This could be inside the regions, or on the track. But it's confusing because in Logic they refer to track-based HyperDraw as "Track Automation" but they refer to region-based HyperDraw as "HyperDraw"!

There is no difference between the automation data on the track (which isn't inside any particular region) or the automation data inside a region. So you could get parallel streams of the same data conflicting with each other. And by "conflicting" I simply mean that 2 sets of the same data (say, Volume), one on the track and one inside a region running concurrently will simply be the aggregate of both running simultaneously, so if you merged the data together it would likely look like hell if there was a lot of movement in at least one of them.

There are commands to move the data from track to region or vice versa.
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Yea, the fact that you can create automation in 2 places, and that one doesn't have precedence over the other can be a real issue. I suggest only using one or the other, and if you can, use track based automation... if you increase the track hight, it can be done without too much effort compared to Hyperdraw, and I think the tools and curves make track based automation a better deal in the end.
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