HyperEditor : Organising Hypersets


I've set up dozens of Hypersets - Logic instruments, Logic effects, 3rd party instruments and 3rd party effects. They display as a long, disorganized drop down menu / list . It would be helpful if they could be organised / arranged in a 'subfolders' or 'groups' structure...

... and if those Hypersets could be available across projects in the arrange window ( as it is they're part of my templates, and / or available in a roundabout way via the environment's Import Project Settings options )

Ideally, they'd be available automatically


FWIW, it is easy enough to import them in Logic 9 from the File Browser Media tab, using the "import Project Settings" button that appears when you select a Logic project. It is unfortunately an all or nothing deal at this point as far as importing hyper sets go. But at least you can easily have access to them from other projects without having to store them in your main template. And if you have them spread out over several projects - just navigate to the one that contains the hyper set(s) you want to import.