Logic Pro 9 I´m Really Really Impressed


I mainly record music based on audio recording which means real drums, real amps, lot of hardware etc so since this time the Logic update seem very much aimed for people like me I ordered it right away.
I got it yesterday and installed it on a G5. It works very, very well. I tested it with a project that I knew 8 had a hard time with and 9 actually turns out to be more DSP sufficient than 8, on this particular song anyway.
Tried the new audio quantize/flex thing with 10 tracks of drums recorded to a click but on several occasions not completely on the beats. It worked like a charm, I had to do a few corrections to the transient markers but otherwise Logic did everything by itself.
Being a guitarplayer and having most of the stuff that is made into software in the original hardware versions I don´t usually find these things that interesting but the new amp simulator and the pedal board works quite well and are very much like hands on units.
The varispeed works like it should and will be great for playing difficult parts or trying to work out what other peoples difficult parts or ,of course, trying to listen to songs in different tempos during preproduction.
The takefolder which always was a splendid idea that needed a bit of work now seem to be fully developed and you can do pretty much what you want to do inside the folders now including using the flex tool.
Apart from the obvious new features I like that it´s now possible to bounce all tracks at once to new tracks which makes exporting to PT much easier. Actually I wonder if it has had that feature all along and I just missed it since nobody seem to mention it.
Of course there are a few bugs. At one point the key command window froze (only once in 8 hours and no crash) and it´s not possible to change the order of the plugins on the channel strips in arrange which I´m sure is a bug. It still possible in the mixer (also the environment one) so it´s not a big deal. Also the new guitar plugins are bigger than the screen so you have to move the window to see it all which again is not a big deal but still not exactly ideal.
All in all I find that while everybody seemed to agree that 8 was a big step in the composer/arranging direction this one is definately audio based and right now (already being a Melodyne owner) I can´t really find anything that I would have wished was included that isn´t in it already.