Logic Pro 9 I don't get how to move audio regions


I played a guitar part that is not perfect and I want to move regions around. I use the scissors tool and can slide regions forwards and backwards with the pointer tool. So let's say a note was played too late. I cut it and move it backwards in time so it lines up with the beat. What I want to do is extend the audio region after it to the left to fill the silence and put a cross fade if necessary. I was able to do that, but sometimes when I pull the edge I just get a line instead of a wave form. I see that there are takes below it, but only one take. I wish I could just hide all the takes and just work on the comp. I try to just work on the comp because the takes are really just drop-ins where I stopped and started again, not truly different takes. When I try to edit the take the cursor sometimes turns into a double bar rather than a squared C. I hope this makes sense.


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Thanks. That seems to work. There is a little triangular white line on the right edge. Is that some kind of fade? There are quite a lot of regions but I couldn't find a way to flatten all in one command. Do you have to do them individually?
Thanks again.
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