Logic TDM I Give Up


I have finally decided that there is absolutely no good reason to use TDM hardware if ProTools software isn't being used.

If Logic is the front end, then it works vastly better in CoreAudio mode than trying to use the confusing and limiting fustercluck that is DAE/DTDM.

Even using the HD hardware with Digi's horrible CoreAudio drivers yields better results in many respects (but only 8 I/O max).

ProTools HD is a fine [closed] system that works well if money is not an issue. But not when using DP or Logic.

For the same money you can get a better sounding Apogee Symphony system, with lower latency (which is saying something) with more I/O, with a UAD Quad card or two, MacPro 8core with 16GB RAM, lots of 3rd party plugins, etc etc etc. I actually priced one out and went crazy on all the extras and it was still two grand less than an HD rig but it would totally blow it away in every way..... except you can't use ProTools software.

Sure, there might be some TDM-only plugin you can't live without, but if you had started from scratch there are definitely AudioUnit equivalents (especially UAD) that are amazing but maybe in a different flavour and if you had started out with these you'd hate the fact that there is no TDM equivalent if you suddenly had to move to a TDM rig.
Another on bites the dust....I am sure to follow.......

Not me- They can have my TDM hardware when they pry it from my cold, dead hands. I'll stop using Logic before I give up TDM (in truth, I have kind of stopped already due to L9 TDM instability) - TDM works really well, has no latency issues and sounds great. No buffer size issues, clicks/pops or any other bullshit- It just works. My Fireface 800 sits neglected most of the time, except when I use it for iTunes output.
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If I wasn't doing any MIDI I'd be reasonably happy with ProTools HD software/hardware. I just tried to write a MIDI bedtrack drumline with ProTools 8 and I think my armpit hair went grey.
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i have a good news for tdm and logic users.
I've found a way to perfectly syncronize both softwares, i was using core audio + tdm connected by 3 adat so i already have the required hardware to try that.

I've already done a couple of project, using Logic as master and pro-tools as slave, with some tricks i've achieved sample accuracy between the 2 programs, with NO delay, basically i'm using delay compensation in logic to anticipate the audio so everything is perfectly in sync.

In addition i can keep delay compensation in both daws, Logic tdm did not have delay compensation for tdm channels.

So i do automation in pro-tools that are fantastic and very accurate, while i'm still using logic for VIs and for midi.
As i am sample accurate i can freely choose to stream audio or to launch some VI's in Pro-Tools aswell, in case i run out of outputs in Logic...

My external machines audio outs goes straight to pro-tools but they're still controlled by Logic.

What you need is at least a digital mono channel from logic to pro-tools and a digital stereo channel from pt to logic (used for a sync audio stream).
all the other channels you can connect them by analogue or adat, it's up to you...

Then you need

Plogue Bidule audiounit (not free)
Voxengo Latency Delay (free)
Native Instruments Reaktor (not free)

i've worked on it many days and now i can say i've found a very good way, with low cpu usage, very easy and not invasive..

It's a combination of 2 audio files with a clock (square) signal at every beat, then Reaktor checks the latency and sends it to an internal midi created by Bidule.
This midi will control Voxengo Latency Delay automatically, it's inserted on every channel as first effect plug-in and set the right latency to make it in sync, the connection from midi to the Voxengo plug.in is done using "quick automation" panel in logic......

So basically i'm using the best of both, and while i'm learning pt every day more, i can keep using all my favourite stuff in Logic, also pro-tools runs like a charm until you don't use any rtas plug-in, and i basically i don't need to, as i use them as AUs in Logic most of the times..

The only limit for now is the maximum amount of Delay compensation, my system stay perfectly in sync until 9999 samples of global delay compensation (logic one + pro tools one), after that i'll lose accuracy, btw it's usually enough for a normal use, and there are some exceptions aswell where you can reach virtually infinite delay compensation..

I'll post a guide soon to set up everything, i just have to find some free time...

This is a new world just opened to me and i will not go back neither abandon logic or my tdm rig..

Digidesign, i've beated you :cool:
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