Logic Pro 9 I have lost my original copy of logic 9


having lost my original copy, what are my options for doing a full wipe without having to buy a second copy?
Did you lose the XS key as well, in which case you are stuffed (unless you insured it)

As long as you still have the XS key, I'm sure Apple should be able to do something.

Something I've often wondered about is the legality of software companies refusing to replace your CD/DVD without charging you again for the whole software.

You pay all that money to license and have the right to use the software.
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Make sure you get your serial number off the app... open it, and then about Logic Pro to access it.

That is the key actually. you could always borrow the discs and copy them to do a reinstall, the serial number is the thing that is important. Without that you have no proof for Apple.
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