Logic Pro X I hear panning through headphone jack but not through interface


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Using Logic X 10.4.4
10.13.6 High Sierra
Macbook Pro 2018

Interface: Universal Audio Arrow

I can hear my panning when I plug headphones directly into my laptop, but when listening through my UA Arrow into my powered monitors, the panning is not audible.

I have tried turning Software Monitoring on and off. Neither allows me to hear panning through my speakers.

My main output is stereo and neither stereo nor mono audio files will have audible panning through my speakers.

This is all a relatively new set-up for me since having had to get a new computer recently. This also necessitated a new interface. The Arrow is also new to me.
Perhaps there is some silly setting I am unaware of? I'm sick of mixing in my headphones! I'm stumped. I hope someone can help me move on with my work.

Thank you!

Pete Thomas

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When you say panning is not audible, do mean everything is mono? ie whether you have mono tracks that are panned L/R or whether it is a stereo track with true stereo image?


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Hi Pete,

Thanks for your response. Whether I'm listening to a mono audio file or a stereo audio file, both channels of the Stereo Out are showing but, when I try panning, I don't hear the signal move from L to R in my speakers. However, if I plug my headphones directly into my laptop, I do hear the panning.

So it's something with the set-up of my interface, I guess. But what? I've attached an image of the console for my UA Arrow as well as my Audio Preference within Logic and a screenshot of the particular Logic file I'm working with (though I have the same issue in any Logic project).



Hmmm. When I plug my headphones into the laptop with my audio interface selected as the Output Device in Audio Preferences, I get nothing. Are you changing between the UA Arrow and Internal each time you switch from speakers to headphones, or is the Arrow just getting some kind of mono signal from the computer by accident when you have Internal set up as your Output Device?


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Indeed, I am changing the Audio Preference in Logic as well as in System Preferences to Headphone Port on my Macbook in order to mix with panning. Needless to say, I don't want to have to do this each time I switch from recording to mixing. Plus, I want to mix in my monitors, not just my headphones.

Peter Ostry

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If your built-in Mac audio interface sounds stereo and the UAD Arrow interface sounds mono when fed from the same Logic channel(s), it is no Logic issue but rather a setting or problem in the Arrow interface. In this case "mono" means the same signal on both channels.

Please note, I do not know the Arrow interface but just read the manual and guess ...
  • Each of the two monitor speaker outputs of the Arrow must be cabled to one speaker, is this the case?
  • What about the headphone output on the Arrow, is it stereo or mono?
  • Is there any "Mono" button engaged in the Arrow Console?
  • You may switch each "Mono" button on and off again and listen if the output is stereo afterwards. This would indicate a bug in the Console software on your Mac.
  • The manual talks about mono/stereo in Console settings. I can't see it in the screenshots. Maybe you find such a setting and can switch it to "stereo".
  • The manual talks about a "Console Recall plugin" which can be set to mono. If you use this plugin, you may check it's state.


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I think I figured it out. I have to switch the Logic > Audio > I/O Output Preferences between HP/LR to Stereo Out.