Logic Pro 9 I installed the 3 audio DVDs to my external drive...


and figured I'd find the orchestra on the drive. I see no evidence of anything having been ... copied onto the disc.

what the heck is going on?

I have logic installed on the HD, the computer came with it bu tthe orchestra is sort of... very very incomplete...

how would I link the "audio content" to logic ? maybe if I do that... the stuff will somehow show up as something to select from the external drive.

as it is drive doesn't seem to acknowledge anything new having been copied to it just now....

thanks for your help!


More information is needed...

You designated the ext hd as install location for the audio content?

If you click on the ext hd icon, do you see an Apple Loops folder?
If so, did you drag the loops folder on the ext hd onto the Loops Library in Logic to index it?


So was it an install, or a copy process?

What kind of content was it?

EXS sample instruments must be in a specific location, the actual samples can be stored on a different hard drive.

Give more details please.