Logic Pro 8 I/O and summing externally from Logic


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Hi, My sincere apologies if this has been posted or answered, but I could not find it elsewhere in "search" mode.

I have an Apogee Ensemble, ( and may even upgrade e.g. to a DA 16x system, and 16x2 summing amp ) and recently have been trying to sum externally using a Dnagerous D Box 8X2 summing amp. Unfortunately & according to Apogee as well, the I/O capabilities of Logic appear to limit me such that I can only select to "send" out to e.g. "outputs 1&2", but never send track one out to output one etc ? Am I missing something ? It would seem to be an easy fix, and/or beneficial to be able to more effectively use some of the marvelous outboard summing amps like those from Dangerous Music, InnerTube, TubeTech, SPL, Shadow Hills and others. Any comments would be welcome. Thanks !! Long live Mac ! Death to protools !


In the days where everybody used analog mixers, it was always necessary to consider that LEFT = ODD and RIGHT = EVEN. So panning hard left would give you 1,3,5,7 etc... and panning hard right would give you 2,4,6,8 etc... And so anybody who ever used an outboard console with busses would know what to do with a software version of a mixer.

But as time goes on, there are more and more people starting out with software having never used hardware. So a lot of what us old farts consider "beyond obvious" (because we grew up on hardware), becomes "why the hell did you ever come up with this method", since software doesn't need to have the limitations of hardware.

An analog mixer that did NOT take advantage of there already being a pan knob to swap between ODD and EVEN destinations would be rather ridiculous, having a very complicated set of circuitry just to avoid this pan knob to route audio to single (not dual) destinations. It would be less complicated to do this in software, but it isn't done in Logic. ProTools, yes. But curiously, many people who use ProTools and need mono destinations don't use the mono routing anyway: They use the Pan method! Fellow old farts I guess.


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Thanks to folks who took a moment to answer. As zerobeat pointed out, probably a lot of folks read over it and rolled their eyes and moved on, being abundantly obvious to them. I did post this as a possible suggestion too ( thread now closed ), which is evidently very poor form, so I apologize there as well. BTW, I am also an old fart, but misspent my youth doing other things.