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I have a track routed to a hardware compressor via and i/o plugin. Works fine--compressor receives the signal and I get it back through Logic. However, when I solo that track it mutes. (I inferred, then, that if I hit "mute" the track would be soloed. No go. So much for logic...)

I've read elsewhere that activating "solo safe" in the Environment would correct this. So, off to the Environment, find the Audio layer, solo safe the corresponding object (which solo safes the channel in the Mixer) and...nothing. Same problem. I'm obviously doing something wrong in the Environment. Does anyone know what it is I should be doing?

It's not the track with the I/O plugin that needs to be solo-safed, but the output object that is used by the I/O plugin.

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Maurits (or any other patient soul out there)

I hate to put my ignorance on parade, but what exactly is the "output object used by the i/o plugin"? The output of the channel strip is "Stereo Out," but making that solo-safe accomplishes nothing. The output of the i/o plugin itself is routed through output 5 of my RME interface. Can you tell me specifically where in the Environment I can find the output object to which the i/o plugin is assigned? As you can see, I am clueless.

Neither the i/o section nor the solo-safe section of the Logic Pro manual seem to address this situation.

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Hi Jim,

You need to create the output object. It's a two step process. First, in the Environment window, create a new "output" channel strip from under the "New" menu.

Next, in the Environments Inspector, click hold on the Channel assignment for that newly created Output Channel Strip Object and assign it to the necessary output; in your case Output 5. (see the attached screen shots)

To keep things nice and neat, I'd suggest renaming the newly created Output Channel Strip appropriately as well.


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