Logic Pro X I/O plugin not doing anything. PLEASE help


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Hello Gentlemen (and Ladies). I just switched over to Logic X from Reaper. I cant for the life of me get the I/O hardware plugin to work. I have a MOTU 828es. Im using a patch bay. No cords are pulled out. Analogue ins and outs are working fine in reaper. Im trying to use the I/O plugin on my kick track through a DBX 160a. I have "pinged" every in and out. Nothing. Im not getting anything through the compressor. I tried it on my bass track too.
This will be a deal breaker if I cant get this working.

Peter Ostry

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There is nothing special with the I/O plugin and there are no secret settings. Simple routing.
If you have selected the Motu as your audio device and Logic plays well, the I/O plugin should also work.

Maybe your hardware is not connected to output 3 and/or input 3?
You can test without the plugin: Just set the output of the channelstrip to the output you think the compressor is connected and play some music. If the compressor does not react, then you don't have a connection via this out port.


make sure you are sending and receiving through “Analog 3”.
Naming is confusing on my 828.
Right. Logic assumes the main outs are physical outs 1-2, but that's not the case with a lot of MOTU interfaces. If you look at the I/O labels in the Mix menu you are likely to see how the interface orders and labels the channels rather than the way Logic does it