Logic Pro 9 I want separate volume controls for hi-hat, snare when monitoring as I record digital drums. Any suggestions?

Lloyd B

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My equipment: Roland V-drum pads through Roland TM2 trigger modules fed through Motu microlite interface to Logic 9 on Mac Yosemite 10.10.5.

I want to be able to turn the hi-hat volume up, and the snare drum down, in the monitor (i.e., as I record) on the "Seventies Kit" software instrument. I can change the level of individual notes (which represent individual drums) in the TM2s, but doing that has absolutely no effect on anything (it probably only effects the sound going out of the TM2 into an amplifier for live playing, something I am not using, as I want to use the TM2s to trigger a software instrument inside Logic 9).

I imagine being able to assign the high hat note and the snare note to different channels, thus different tracks with their own volume controls. But again, changing the channel on a particular note in the TM2 seems to have no effect on anything. Neither does changing the Midi channel assignment on a track (on the left hand bar).

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Lloyd B

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Solved it!

Summary: Imported Seventies Kit into Ultrabeat, used the blue faders just to the right of the left-hand keyboard (in the assignment section) to tweak the mix of the different drum sounds.

The details of how all that works is in the Logic Pro 9 Instruments pdf manual that can be found by searching, uh, let's see... "Logic Pro 9 Instruments Manual" and downloading it. :) Actually, I stumbled a little on the fact that my hard copy manual was for Logic 8, and the Logic 9 instruments manual, of course, was retitled from the previous version, so it didn't show up in my search. I wish they wouldn't change things that don't need changing. Or else, include all the manuals in the help menu when you buy a new version.

Anyway, Chapter 15 covers the Ultrabeat. I had to learn a bit about how the ultrabeat works before I could find the exact procedure I wanted.

The biggest stumper: The manual says, "You can import an entire EXS instrument into Ultrabeat by dragging an EXS instrument file from the finder directly onto the Assignment Section". But where in the @#$%!!! were the EXS instrument files? A search of my entire partition didn't turn them up. Finally I went online and asked the question of Google. Oh, I had to go to the level of the hard drive, and this turned out to be the crumb trail from there: Library > Application Support > Logic > Sampler Instruments > 03 Drums & Percussion > 01 Acoustic Drum Kits > Seventies Kit.exs.

That's about it. Hope this might be helpful for someone else in this dilemna.
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What if you just clicked on the instrument and changed its Gain ?

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