Logic Pro 9 I want to get Logic Pro 9


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Hi, I've read tons of info on Logic 9, but my main concerns are still not answered. I've used a drums replacement software Dramagog and I was wondering weather Logic has a similar plug in. If you used both of these, please let me know which one do you prefer best.
Another question is reamping my guitar tracks. Are there good sounding amps for metal, like Mesa or 5150? If I have DI tracks, can I reamp them in Logic or do I have to record with the amp settings.

Thank you for your help.
Don't know about Drumagog, but Logic's Guitar stuff is great IMO.

Not just Amp designer but now Pedalboard. It's a matter of personal taste though. And no, the amps (or any other plugin) do not get recorded with the signal unless you specifically choose to
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Drum replacement in Logic is quite simple imho. Doesn't work as a plug-in but the feature is there (uses an EXS24 instrument for the replacement.

Never used drumagog though so couldn't compare.

The video shows how it works in Logic, it's 6 min long (because it's a tutorial etc) but once you know the shortcuts is pretty fast to do.
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