Logic Pro X I want to use MIDI keyboard for steel pedal guitar. Can I?


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I've just started using Logic Pro X so this is a real newbie question.

I want to get a steel pedal guitar sound out of my MIDI keyboard.

I've been looking around online. It seems that, short of buying plug-ins for Logic, the best I can do is record a guitar track and play around with effects. Am I right about that? Is there no pre-set pedal steel guitar for a MIDI instrument?

Thanks! As my question indicates, this is all new to me!

Per Boysen

the steel guitar sound has a lot to do with how the original instrument is being played, physically. What you can do is to study how they are tuned and what strings are being slided and at what range to morph between chords. Then set up a Logic patch with several instruments on unique MIDI channels set to the appropriate pitchbend ranges (one set to 2 and a second set to 1 is usually good - and then of course a third instrument/channel for the "strings" that won't be bended). This way you can get very close to the real thing.


Have you tried the "sculpture" instrument (built in) it's a physical modelling synthesiser. The premise is that it models a string (made of metal, glass wood or nylon?) which is plucked/struck/bowed/damped etc. by three operators(?) try some of the presets, with a little tweaking you can get some lifelike guitar tones from it.
Alternatively you can check some of the sounds from EXS24 sampler (built in) I believe it might have a pedal steel type sound

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Colin Shapiro

Pedal steel is a complex instrument, with foot pedals and knee levers that raise or lower individual strings in pitch. In addition, it's played with a steel bar that can slide across the length of the fretboard. The volume pedal also plays a big part in the overall pedal steel sound. All of this makes it somewhat tricky to get a reasonable emulation going live via MIDI, though an acceptable result could be achieved with lots of MIDI Draw envelopes added after recording a basic pass.

There are sampled pedal steel instruments for sale outside of Logic's built-in sounds, but they usually rely on 3rd party plugins (like Kontakt) which have scripts to render the pitch bends etc. Here's one for example:

I haven't tried it so I can't comment on quality.